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Access Issues

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Hartlepool Access Audit Group - Explaining an Access Audit


A member of staff will visit you and explain the implications and benefits of having an Access Audit performed on your Premises.

Access Audit

A physical audit is performed on your premises from a legal overview and a users perspective.


To identify any barriers which prevent access to disabled, elderly, short-term injured or parents with pushchairs. Therefore making your premises accessible to ALL.


We will inform you of any barriers and give you recommendations and suggestions to overcome any barriers.


To build a better environment and allow more people into your premises. Therefore making better business sense.

The Access Audit Group

Have assisted many organisations, services and businesses to improve their premises including:

Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency

Hartlepool Borough Council

Middleton Grange Shopping Centre

Are your premises accessible?

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 is now Law. As of October 2004 you must make reasonable adjustment to accommodate disabled people, this in effect means all buildings used by the general public or are providing goods and service are required by law to be accessible.

Therefore we strongly advise that you seek professional advice from Hartlepool Access Audit Group – an experienced and understanding team.

Our ability to Access Audits on buildings and give sound advice and recommendations on how to improve your premises, the most economical way, is the backbone to our success.


Be The First because you want to -

Not the last because you have to!


Hartlepool Access Audit Group

A Group of dedicated people intent on making Hartlepool and its surrounding area an Accessible Environment for All People.

With many of the group, volunteers from Hartlepool . With the town and its people in our best interest.

If you would like to join them, please contact us for further information.